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Yvonne Heimann

Award-winning Business Efficiency Consultant | Sees systems where others see chaos

Anna Bofa

Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor | Facebook, Pinterest, Dropbox & Google Alum

Amer Jandali

Environmental Futurist and Social Designer

Lenore Champagne Beirne

Founder at Bright Ventures

Heather McCloskey

Heather is the VP of Marketing at UserVoice

Robert Knop

Helps brands gain, retain clients

Jeff Allain

Helping Entrepreneurs unleash their full potential

Luis Davila

No-code Product Builder | Product Manager

Michael DaSilva

Director of Cyber Security at Spring Health

Ryan Darnell

Managing Partner at Max Ventures

Ejieme Eromosele

Vice President of Customer Success

Jason C. Whitehead

Co-Founder at Success Chain.

Trent Anderson

Running revenue growth plays

Nick Capozzi

VP Sales at Smile Virtual

Kelly (Noble) Mirabella

Award winning chat marketing instructor, agency and speaker.

Craig Canton

Helping Financial Institutions Digitally Transform With Microsoft

Brooke Bachesta

SDR Enablement Manager at Outreach

Jared Robin

Building a community for revenue pros as hungry as you are

John Wood

Vice President Of Product Strategy at Syndic8

Vincent Manlapaz

Interviewing senior CS and CX Professionals

Mary Poppen

Chief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn

Brice Saul

Vice President Of Product Strategy at Notiphy

Valerio Tavano

Marketing Communications ★ Boosting revenues and web reputation

Yaron Bahar

Israel M&A at Jonas Software

Donna Weber

The Customer Onboarding Expert

Niraj Vasani

Customer Success I Passionately Curious I Cricket Enthusiast

Kevin Levine

Solves business problems through customer success strategies and methodologies.

Serena Pelella

LinkedIn Account Manager - always give people more than they expect to get.

Chris Rodriguez

Digital Marketer. Focused on Growth. More @

Sue Nabeth Moore

Co-Founder Success Chain / Top 50 Customer Success Influencer 2021 (SmartKarrot)

Peter Haggert

Director at Haggert Media Group, helping business transform in a digital environment | Process | Lead Generation | Marketing | Executive Placement| LinkedIn Training |

Jeremy Redman

No coder who’s built 3 six-figure #NoCode startups from nothing 👉 The platform

Sai Praneeth Gunuputi

ClickUp consultant, Certified Mixpanel Partner & Startup founder centering Mobile Games